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K-Meck Group Import-Export is an integrated importing-exporting company with the main focus of recycling. K-Meck Group, located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is a leading Caribbean supplier of recycled goods including used drained batteries, HMS 1 & 2 and scrap tires.

KMG has large warehousing capabilities crossing into other provinces of Haiti, such as Cap-Haitian and Les Cayes. With the largest recycling opportunities, KMG has also expanded in to recycling PET flakes, plastic bottle caps, and aluminum. KMG is a direct supplier of scrap/waste products. In 2007 alone, K-Meck has exported more than 200,000 metric tons of scrap products to countries, such as Hong Kong, China, India and South America.

Recycling not only helps conserve our world's natural resources, but has also helped clean up the country of Haiti, therefore providing jobs and more beauty to the environment.

K-Meck Group will at all times strive to maintain the highest standards. Our vital goal is to preserve the world’s natural resources. Standing for professionalism and service, has led to long term relationships with its buyers.

KMG is more than dedicated to follow responsible and environmentally safe operating procedures and practices.

KMG will operate with values which will more than ensure quality products and services at fair prices but also with the motivation to give its clients extraordinary services and meet their expectations in an expeditious manner.